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SpeedMixer series for your mixing problems

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As a specialist in mixing solutions, Hauschild offers a wide range of products to end your mixing problems. The SpeedMixer series proves to be particularly helpful for a diverse range of materials in all forms. Especially if the mixing process becomes a challenge or if there are difficulties in the development process, you can use the SpeedMixer to sensibly improve the efficiency of your daily work. In a few seconds, the SpeedMixer produce bubble-free multi-component compounds such as liquids, high-viscosity pastes and powders.

With the SpeedMixer, Hauschild Engineering offers a wide range of mixing solutions. From a small series with a maximum mixing weight of 250g, to the medium series with 1100g maximum mixing weight, to the large series in which up to 10kg can be mixed. The machines of the medium series and the large series offer the vacuum option with an external pump.

The SpeedMixer of the middle series are also available in the LR version. Through adapted mechanical constructions, the mixture is subject to higher forces resulting in more effective mixing. This type of machine is especially suitable for materials with low specific weight and requiring higher volume.

In addition to the standard machines, Hauschild Engineering offers customized solutions designed according to customer requirements

The Robotic SpeedMixer can also be integrated into existing production lines.

Today, the SpeedMixer line supports hundreds of companies developing products in sectors like chemical, pharmaceutical, dental, aerospace, energy, coating, plastic, automotive, cosmetic and many others.

"Made in Germany" is a top priority at Hauschild, because every single machine is handcrafted. From the design to final commissioning tests, every detail of each production step is given special attention. This makes the SpeedMixer a high-precision tool.

Choose from our product portfolio the mixer for your mixing problems.

SERIES 150/200

The solution for mixing small amounts up to 250 g. Mixing with the SpeedMixer ™ saves time and increases the efficiency of your laboratory.

SERIES 400-1100

Fast, efficient and bubble-free mixing in a closed system. The 400 - 1100 series is available with a vacuum option for complete removal of invisible air bubbles.

SERIES 3000-10000

The SpeedMixer ™ series 3,000 - 10,000 can be used both in the laboratory and in operation as well as in quality assurance or production lines. With a mixing capacity of up to 10 kg, the SpeedMixer ™ is the solution.

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